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Oliver recognizes his clothes
After Oliver ate one of Mrs. Tabby's cupcakes, he noticed Roger the Squirrel. More importantly, he recognized that Roger was wearing the clothes his {Oliver's} dad had gave him for Christmas which were at least two sizes too small. Mrs. Tabby had convinced Oliver to give them to charity.

Merrick and Kit were also there to see Oliver's realization.

Oliver is by :iconrocketxpert:

Merrick is by :iconroninhunt0987:

Kit is by :iconroninhunt0987: / :icondragonwolf122191:
Giving into temptation
Merrick and company were a little uncertain at first about Mrs. Tabby's cupcakes being sold at the bake sale, but after they determined they were safe to eat, they allowed the sale.

Oliver stated that in all the times he was sent to Mrs. Tabby's house, she never let him have one of her cupcakes even though she would eat them in front of him. As a result, he decided to buy one. The Scoutmaster was okay with it as long as Oliver paid for it which he did.

Tommy, Ricky, and Charlie were shocked and a bit saddened by the fact Oliver was not allowed to have any of Mrs. Tabby's cupcakes. However, they were not surprised based on their encounter with Mrs. Tabby.

Oliver is by :iconrocketxpert:

Merrick, Max, Carbon, In Sik, and Geno are by :iconroninhunt0987:

Tommy, Ricky, and Charlie are by :iconfredvegerano:
Last minute addition
A few minutes into the bake sale Oliver's mother Denise came with a plate of cupcakes. She told them that Oliver's aunt Tabby {Mrs. Tabby} had baked them to help raise money.

Roger was delighted because even though he had been told the truth about Mrs. Tabby, he did get to try some of her cupcakes before he was adopted.

Many of the scouts didn't know what to think.

Merrick, Kimiko, Misha, Max, Carbon, In Sik, and Geno are by :iconroninhunt0987:

Kit is by :iconroninhunt0987: / :icondragonwolf122191:

Tommy, Ricky, and Charlie are by :iconfredvegerano:

Oliver and Denise are by :iconrocketxpert:
Bake Sale
On the day of the scout troop's bake sale, Everyone gathered with many troop members supplying an assortment of baked goods. Max, Carbon, In Sik and Geno brought the cookies Kimiko and Yuna had prepared. Cubbi and Split Kit brought a plate full of Grammi's Marble Nut cookies.

Merrick and Kimiko came to help out. Tails, Kit, Misha, and Roger also came for the bake sale. Li'l Critter, Ernie Beaver, and Slider Turtle also came as this bake sale was to benefit them.

Merrick, Kimiko, Max, Carbon, Misha, In Sik and Geno are by :iconroninhunt0987:

Kit is by :iconroninhunt0987: / :icondragonwolf122191:

Tommy {Bear}, Ricky, and Charlie are by :iconfredvegerano:

Rudy and Tommy {Fox}, Bob, Harry, and Jeff are by :iconstephenrstorti91:

Oliver is by :iconrocketxpert:
Happy 25th birthday Tails
25 years ago Sonic 2 was released which introduced my all time favorite Sonic character; possibly my all time fictional character: Miles "Tails" Prowler.

My Fursona Tom is wishing Tails a happy 25th birthday and calling him "kid" because 25 years later, he's still a kid. However, various TV shows, games, and comics have varied Tails' age between 4 1/2 and 11. I like to have him at age 11 unless I'm doing an AOSTH pic.


I found out a few hours ago from :iconandyp08101996: that :iconfredvegerano: who lives in Puerto Rico is fine following Hurricane Maria. He has limited internet access and had posted on that he's okay.

However, it will still be some time before things are back to normal, but at least he and his family are all right.


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101boy Featured By Owner Edited 3 hours ago  Hobbyist General Artist
here's a pic of Sammy in his shirt-

SammyRedtail in color by 101boy you could do him wearing that shirt or a white variant of it if you like. about the black eye,its just something I used to do to make my character unique, but lately I've been doing him without a mark around his eye. so wither you make him with and black eye or not doesn't matter.
andyp08101996 Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thought I'd let you know. :)…
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Thought I'd let you know I'm making a couple more character profiles before proceeding with the next chapter-to be precise I'm making one for Linda's father Tony and Joel and Bessie's oldest child and Freddie's friend and playmate Roland, or "Rollie" as he is usually known as. I do remember you mentioning you'd be interested in seeing profiles for their kids so do keep an eye out-I'll see if I can have 'em up soon...
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Also, have you seen my recent pics involving Michael and Freddy?
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